Purebred Dogs from
Europe to Sri Lanka

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About Us

The perfect dog breed for some people may be hundreds of miles away in Russia or in Europe. At Euro Puppy - Sri Lanka, we can save the extreme effort of visiting breeders and selecting the best show quality purebred puppies based on the specific requirements of our clients in Sri Lanka. We will do everything like getting the pets microchipped, vaccinated, blood tests done, flights arranged, import permits / import licenses arranged, and also the customs and quarantine clearance done, so that our customers in Sri Lanka are provided with the perfect dream puppy for their dream home!
Health and safety always comes first! Every single puppy gets the best treatment through our selected breeders. We only work with selected breeders. All our puppies are given every vaccination required for their age and also are microchipped, and are fully dewormed up to date. All the vaccination documents, microchip records and vet records will arrive with your puppy along with the shipping documents. Talk to us and we will take you through the journey in picking the correct puppy for you. We can help you to select the best puppy for you.

We will pick the BEST show class puppies

Our team consists of a team member who is a past president at The Kennel Association of Lanka (KASL) who will handpick the best puppy for you 

We will handle ALL aspects of the job

We handle all the paperwork, vet works, payments, flights, clearances, door delivery etc

Our Skill

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